The Chop Suey is a Twin fin with the option of a thruster / stabilizer.

Another model born from the Shangri La carrying a lot of the same design principles, notably the flat deck pinched rail combo.
The outline has a fuller nose, wide point just forward of half way keeping an Eighties style look.There is a touch more rocker through out and we have added a flyer.

The outline is where the change comes most with more of high performance short board look than the Shangri La or Matador.The flatter deck keeps more volume under feet and the lower pinched rails helps with speed drive and control.

A very fast high performance twin designed for tight responsive in the pocket turns. Performs great in waves from 1 feet to 5 feet.

Shaper Flanagan Surfboards | Chop Suey Dimensions 5’4 to 6’2

5’4”18 3/42 3/1624,29
5’5”18 7/82 1/425,47
5’6”192 1/426,04
5’8”19 1/42 3/828,57
5’10”19 1/22 7/1630,53
6’0”19 3/42 9/1633,36
6’2”202 13/1637,84