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The main master idea was providing our surfboards with a reactivity never seen before in the sector. We always believed that the best way to improve the dynamic behavior of a surfboard would be incorporating a system capable of taking the power that the user exerts over the surfboard and returning it in a similar proportion amount.

The solution consists of incorporating carbon fiber bars to the structure of the surfboard, in a way that permits total control of both longitudinal flexes and lateral torsions.

After an entire year of testing diverse options regarding positioning, thickness and length of the carbon fiber bars, we reached the optimal outcome with respect to reactivity, strength and lightness, generating one of the most reactive surfboards nowadays.

The optimized construction, together with our EPS HFC high fusion core and the Entrophy epoxy resin, result in one of the best EPS/Epoxy surfboards in the market.



The frame in parabolic carbon fiber in the deck next to the central band of the bottom offers us a controlled flex pattern.

While the carbon band of the bottom makes possible the creation of the energy that we need for the acceleration of the table, the parabolic carbon of the deck allows us to make very smooth and controlled turns.

The high melting EPS core gives the board a light weight while being very resistant and durable compared to the traditional PU.

The lamination of the board is done with epoxy resin of Bio category, with less emission of volatile compounds and give the board a good resistance to impacts.

We recommend this construction in our wider models.

GM- Hi Fused Core

EPS (expanded polystyrene) blanks specially designed for manufacturing surfboards.

Instead of EPS blocks, our blanks are made in templates with the final shape of the surfboard. That, together with the sphere size (the smallest in the market), makes the fusion of the blanks perfect, avoiding any empty space between them. More over, the pearls of EPS used are virgin, therefore ensuring a homogeneous quality along the blank.

Due to the GM- Hi Fused Core blank, your surfboard will gain in quality since, in case of hit or breaking, water absorption is nearly inexistent, therefore guaranteeing a higher durability.

The GM-Hi Fused Core is considered by many shapers and surfboards factories as the best in the market.


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