He has coached at all level of surfer performance, from beginner to high performance surfers.

He has founded and managed since 2008 “UNIVERSITY SURF SCHOOL, the Canarian Surf School”  where he has developed succesfully coaching techniques and training methods with more than 5000 surfers.

He has a Degree in Physical Education.

He is a master in High Performance Sport.

He has and advanced course in marketing and sports management

ISA surf coach LEVEL 2 (Trained by Martin Dunn)

Surf events organizer 

World Surf City Network promoter

Head coach and physical trainer for the Spanish Surfing Federation (2006-2008)

Canarian Surfing Federation Technical Director, creating and developing the High Performance Training Program and the Talent ID Program (2010-2012)

Presenter coach for Spanish and Canarian Surfing Federation in several courses and seminars

Consultant to surfers and coaches globally through video reviews and online training

International consultant for governments and private companies.

International surfing judge for the World Surf League

And overall… surfer!

If you want to know more about surfboards, surfcoaching or surftraing ,feel free to contact me through my e-mail address hector@glassingmonkey.com


 Who is Héctor Medina?
I am a surfer from Canary Islands since the early nineties. I am a family man, father of Mateo and Glassing Monkey´s team manager.

What is surfing in your life?

Surfing has been my life style, my passion, my everything… Nowadays, i simply enjoy every single moment in the water.

Describe yourself as a surfer

As a surfer, i have enjoyed the whole spectrum of possibilities. From the most competitive side of the sport to challenge myself facing every different kind of waves. Finally, i love trying new equipment and improve my surfing.

Technically, I love power surfing, built speed and hit the lip with full commitment. And last but not least, get barreled. 

What is your Glassing Monkey quiver?

I have got a 15 surfboards quiver (from retrofish 5,6 to step up 7,0) that i normally renew each year in order to try new boards and keep learning about equipment. 

I like to highlight as “special magic boards” the twin fin “Sangri-la” by Jason Flanagan, the twin fin GCT made by Diego González, the high performance shortboards shaped by Matt Penn “Zero 2” and the “HM Permoface” by Soul Surfboards.

What is your advice to someone who wants to order a surfboard?

Firstly, it is really important to understand that a custom board is like “tailoring a suit”, what is suit you, maybe it does not suit to other person.

Secondly, you have to order the surfboards that help you to improve your current level. It does not have sense if you ride a pro model being still a beginner or intermediate level. 

And finally, “more foam is more fun”.

Definitively, before making an order, try to find the best technical adviser possible.