The perfect board for smaller, less powerful waves. Whether you come from a longboard or shortboard, this model will make you feel like you have a flying carpet under your feet. Flat nose rocker and a good tail rocker for tight turns, helps keep speed throughout manoeuvres. Much of its secret is in the combination of the bottom and rails. It can be used as a thruster for the most radical or a quad that will give an extra grip and drive.

“A good option for this model is to do the tail in swallow since it will take away some of the nerve when we do a more powerful surf, as well as the incorporation of a stabilizing fifth keel into the quad.”

SHAPER SOUL SURFBOARDS | Little Buddy Dimensions 5’4 to 6’2


20 1/2 21  21 1/2 22 22 1/2 
2 3/8  2 3/82 1/2 2 5/8  2 5/8 
28,7 l. 30,4 l. 33,7 l. 37,20 l. 39,20l.