Its name is without a doubt what it will transform into after feeling it under your feet.  The outline with the widest point further back allows quick but smooth turns. As well as easy nose rides. The narrower nose makes it easier to grip in the hollow of the wave by placing yourself on the nose.  

For surfers who like to quickly position the board and go to the top effortlessly. So, cut back again and again …   Waves from knee to shoulder.

SHAPER DIEGO GONZÁLEZ | Obsession Dimensions 9’0 to 9’8



LengthWidthThickVolume (L)
9’0’’22 3/42 3/463,3 L
9’2”22 7/82 7/867,3 L
9’4”23371,7 L
9’6”23 1/83 1/876 L
9’8”23 1/43 1/480,6 L