The Remedy is a high performance short board suited to waves from 1 to 5 feet, perfect for Spring Summer Autumn Oz conditions.

This short board is a great all round performance surfboard. It features a low entry / exit, deep single concave and med rail.

This model is a direct descendant of the Antidote borrowing many of the design principles and blending into what we feel is the perfect summer all rounder.

Shaper Flanagan Surfboards | REMEDY Dimensions 


REM525218 1/22 1/821,2L
REM545418 5/82 3/1622,82L
REM565618 7/82 3/1623,88L
REM585819 3/82 1/425,95L
REM51051019 5/82 3/828,6L
REM6060202 1/231,66L
REM626220 1/22 5/834,91L
REM6464212 3/438,52L