tabla de surf rip curl dagrom


This model is designed especially for the physical characteristics of the youngest rippers who have a good level of surfing.

Its medium rocker and good distribution of width combined with the design of the bottom and edges, makes this board generate a lot of speed and is perfect for pulling off all kinds of maneuvers.

SHAPER RIPCURL  | Dimensions 4’8 to 5’6

tabla de surf rip curl



LengthWidthThickVol (L)
4’8171 7/815,5 l.
4’1017 ¼1 7/816,4 l.
5´017 ¼218,4 l.
5’217 ½218´9 l.
5´417 5/82 1/1620,4 l.
5’617 ¾2 1/1621,2 l.