A shortboard with a slightly wider outline than your standard high performance shortboard, moderate rocker and single concave to double concave on the bottom.

Easy to paddle and gain speed getting into the wave and very explosive due to its great maneuverability.

Perfect for mid-level surfers who want to go one step further or good-level surfers who want to surf in the most critical part of the wave.

SHAPER RIPCURL  | Dimensions 5’8 to 6’6

tabla de surf rip curl

LengthWidthThickVol (L)
5´818 ¾2 3/1624 l.
5’1019 1/82 5/1626,7 l.
6’019 ½2 3/828,9 l.
6’219 ¾2 ½31,6l.
6’4202 5/834,6 l.
6’620 ¼2 11/1637,5 l.