With the Shangri La we wanted to create a more alive feel to a retro fish by incorporating aspects from a modern high performance surfboard.We took the “Retro” fish,thinned out the rails throughout,that gave hold for harder and faster rail turns,we changed the rocker to have more of a modern performance feel while keeping the flatish deck for paddling advantages.The bottom has a shallow single to double concave ending with a Vee off the back end.

The result is a board that is great for high performance rail to rail surfing at high speeds.The down rail lets the board roll onto the rail without having to struggle to keep control and has a tonne of drive .The Shangri La is not your typical “Retro,” it is a high performance surfboard with the positive aspects of a Retro fish design.

This board will have you amping to get out there every day in a variety of conditions.The Shangri La is the perfect summer board for your local beachie,and go’s great on point breaks as well.

Designed to surf as a Twin Fin.

Shaper Flanagan Surfboards | SANGRI LA Dimensions 5’7 to 6’1

SL575’7”19 7/82 3/829,57L
SL595’9”20 1/82 7/1631,36L
SL5115’11”20 1/22 1/233,73
SL616’1”212 5/837,06