Turn on a dime.

Coming from the drive of the competition to surf at full performance in all types of conditions. We used the best parts of our performance shortboard’s with some of the key outline curves from our small wave boards to make The Dime as our new all rounder.

Push it hard and it holds in, extra tail lift to flip from rail to rail with ease. A wider outline and a bit more foam in the nose make it a fav of ours. 

The Dime is suitable for all levels of surfer as an rounder for all conditions.

SHAPER EMERY SURFBOARDS | Dimensions The Dime 5’6″ to 6’6″


5'618 1/4221.5L
5'718 3/82 1/1622.7L
5'818 1/22 1/823.5L
5'918 5/82 3/1625.4L
5'1018 3/42 1/1426.1L
5/1118 7/82 5/1627.5L
6'0192 3/828.5L
6'119 1/82 7/1630.2L
6'219 1/42 1/231.5L
6'319 3/82 9/1633.0L
6'419 1/22 5/834.4L
6'519 5/82 11/1635.9L
6'619 3/42 3/437.4L