The Fling came after a very good friend of mine bought in my shape room an old beat up board I was shaped for him 14 or so years ago in France. It felt very modern and had good lines, I measured the board up and made a copy. Tested in some average waves at first but that the mixture of weird concave and continuous rocker had some magic in there.

A solid 4 feet swell lining up on a point with a groomed sand bank hammered home the fact that this combination of concave and rocker was what a modern short board is meant to be. Since then the Fling has been getting around, and everybody is really stoked on what the Fling offers.

The Fling works better in waves with some push and is a great board for barrels, good point breaks and Indo style waves, and also as soon as your local beach is above average.

Shaper Flanagan Surfboards | The Fling Dimensions 5’11 to 6’6


SizeWidthThicknessVol (L)
5’1118 5/82 1/424.87 L
6’018 3/42 5/1626.6 L
6’119 1/82 3/827.54 L
6’219 1/22 7/1629.24 L
6’319 5/82 1/230.21 L
6’419 3/42 5/833.26 L
6’5202 5/833.88 L
6’6202 11/1634.75 L