The Magnet was created after working with our Portugueses team riders on a new board that keeps high performance in average conditions.

The Magnet has a wider outline and more volume than your normal shortboard that is subtly hidden through the board. It also has a very smooth single to double concave.

This really helps the Magnet navigate those average conditions that you surf most days. But it can also used on those perfect days too. It is a real allrounder.

It comes in 3 fin set up as standard but can also be ordered in a 5 fin setup too.

Tails, Comes as standard as a round square but can be ordered in round and swallow tails too.

SHAPER SOUL SURFBOARDS |┬áThe Magnet Dimensions 5’6 to 6’4


18 1/218 3/419 1/419 3/420 1/420 3/4
2 3/162 1/42 3/82 1/22 5/82 3/4
24,5 l.26,3 l.29,4 l.32,6 l.36,5 l.39,9 l.