This is your new all rounder. Like its namesake, The Shadow will be under your feet and by your side through all conditions.

We’ve given The Shadow a flatter rocker than your standard shortboard to keep you going when the waves are mush. A deep single concave with a slight vee through the tail helps generate speed, giving you that little bit extra push through those flat sections.

Contradicting this, we’ve thrown in a hip-squash tail, combined with a flat deck, dropping off to a mid rail which gives you the bite you need when the waves are a little more serious.


Dimensions The Shadow: 5’4″ to 6’6″


5'418 1/4220.5L
5'618 1/22 1/1622.3L
5'818 3/42 3/1624.6L
5'918 7/82 1/425.8L
5'10192 5/1627L
5'1119 1/82 3/828.3L
6'019 1/42 7/1629.7L
6'119 3/82 1/230.5L
6'219 1/22 9/1632.4L
6'419 3/42 11/1635.4L
6'6202 13/1638.4L