One of the requests that customers make the most is for a board that serves everything, that is, an “all-rounder”. Among the complications that this word entails, we have selected the best of several models and have mixed them resulting in this model. It adapts very well to most of the waves that we usually find and perfectly fulfills its intended purpose. 

The volume is very well distributed, with medium rocker and a round tail with a double winger that makes it very manageable

 SHAPER SOUL SURFBOARDS | Wasabi  Dimensions 5’10 to 6’6




LENGTH     5’106’06’26’46’6
WIDTH      18 1/218 3/4  19 1/4 19 3/4 20 1/2
THICK        2 1/42 5/16 2 3/82 1/2  2 5/8
 VOL (L)    26,1 l. 27,8 l.30,1 l. 33,20 l.  36,9 l.