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Miguel Sampalo interview

Who is Miguel?
I am a longborder from Malaga who loves teaching surfing.

What is surfing in your life?
Surfing is everything in my life. I surf in the Mediterranean sea so that i organice my daily routine depending on the surf forecast.

Describe yourself as a surfer
I would like consider myself as a waterman. I love testing different equipment and surf every different kind of waves. No matter the wind, shape or size because in the end it is all about having fun. I also like training future competitor surfers, but overall is teach surfing to handicaped and old age people

What is your Glassing Monkey quiver?
“Spud” Bamba Surfboards 4.5
“Retro Twin” Bamba Surfboards 5.6
Magic Black “Penn Surfboards” 5.11
Gun “Big Nuts” Heavy Water Surfboards 8.6
“MCS” Bamba Surfboards 9.1
Dackel Bamba Surfboards 9.6

What is your advice to someone who wants to order a surfboard?
Let yourself be adviced for a profesional. You have to be honest with your current surfing level, the difficulty of the waves you surf and your long term goals.

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Ariane Ochoa interview

My name is Ariane Ochoa Torres and I´m a surfer from the Basque Country. I started surfing following the steps of my big sister when I was 5-6 years old. At the age of 8 years I took part in my first surf contest. All this years, with the support of my family I have been able to keep compiting and growing as a sportive.


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