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Nacho Sebastia interview

Who is Nacho Sebastia?

Nacho Sebastia is a surfer from the Canary islands passionate about creating surf films and helping people  surf better since he is the founder of one of the best surf schools in Tenerife south (Tilegit surf school)

What is surfing in your life?

Surfing for me is a way to express myself, be creative, and push it to be the best that I can be. 

Describe yourself as a surfer

My surfing is definitely categorized as power surfing. My bread and butter is rail surfing on big open faces. Last few years I am trying to mix it up with modern surfing I been working a lot on my air game and on making my surfing more creative. 

What is your Glassing Monkey quiver?

The quiver just arrived a week ago and the boards look amazing, I just tried the EMERY – TINNY TERROR  5,10 X 19 1/4  X  2 11/32   27,5 L.

Since the waves have been really small around here. It´s been going really well in the small conditions, It feels really fast and easy to fit on those tinny walls that we have been surfing in what is the start of the season of the small waves conditions in Europe, can’t wait to start trying all the other boards.

Here is my quiver;

EMERY – Black Angel 2   5´11  x 19  x 2 5/16  27,5 L 

EMERY – DIME  5,10 X  19 X  2 11/32  27,5 L 

CHEMISTRY – R2+   6,3 X 18 3/4  X 2 7/ 16  39 L

EMERY – RETRO TWIN FIN   5,6  X  19 1/ 2  X  2 3 / 8   28 L

EMERY – TINNY TERROR  5,10 X  19 1/4  X  2 11/32   27,5 L   

EMERY – WEDGE TAIL  5,7 X  19 1/4  X  2 11/32   27,5 L   

What is your advice to someone who wants to order a surfboard?

My advice will always be to go and get some guidance (coach, shapers…) from someone that knows what type of waves are you surfing, what level of surfing you have, weight/length, and also knows what you been using in the past just to try to be more accurate on deciding which steps forward you have to make in your quiver. 

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Ariane Ochoa interview

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Kalani da Silva interview

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