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Matt Penn XW-4


The x-wing series has been a long running evolution in our design stables and this latest edition will not disappoint. Continuing to blur the lines between performance and retro designs, The new XW-4 screams new school with an old school twist.

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This re-designed version feature’s a dramatically reduced area in the forward outline that helps the board sit on rail and drive more through a turn compared to previous versions with a wider outline which traditionally pushes more away from the wave face and sits flatter through the turning radius.

The rocker still maintains the original concept from previous versions but has been enhanced with a touch more curve it the tail for slightly quicker reaction times off the back foot whilst still retaining that instant light speed from takeoff that the model is famous for.

The volume distribution has also seen a slight shift forward of centre to give more foam under your chest area for more paddle power and means slightly less thickness in between your stance for added sensitivity.

The wing / swallow tail combo allows for a straighter rail line speed and reduces the area in the rear fin area for more hold and drive.
Ride 3 to 4” shorter than your regular board


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