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With all the recent hype on the modern, high performance single fin, we decided to take it to the “next level” of high performance with our version of the Twin Fin.

The Daisho is geared towards performance surfers who are looking for a twin fin without sacrificing shareability. Jason took an old curvy 80’s template that had a neat single wing squash tail mixed with a slightly pulled in nose.

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Product Description

With the absence of a center fin, twin fins tend to be fast but lack pivot off the bottom and top that a center fin provides. With that in mind, Jason added a ton of vee between the fins to simulate the feeling of a small center fin.

This model has the drive and speed of a traditional twin yet can be whipped around like a performance thruster. If you are looking to add more stability, a small trailer can be added to this model. Traditional twin fins tend to need to be “throttled down” when maneuvering or they will slide out and be difficult to control. The Daisho thrives off massive amounts of speed and can harness it easily. A terrific addition to anyone’s quiver as it is easily scalable from 5’0” to 6’6” and 20.0L to 50.0L

Bottom contour: slight single into a deep double concave
Tail: pin, thumb, squash


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