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When you are stuck in grind of life with bills, mortgage bla bla…. And before you know it you are getting one surf a week if you are lucky the SKULLY was designed to make that session enjoyable as possible.

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Classed as a small wave model but can be ridden up to a solid 3 feet its rail volume is more generous than any previous small wave designs, we have produced but still just enough taken out of parts in the board to allow some aggressive attacks to the lip when you want to hit it hard

Lower rocker overall in nose and tail gives you enough glide when is cowardly but still just enough to not get hung up in tight turns when the waves are a little steeper which is also helped by the slight vee running off the tail which gets the wider tail block to release in the lip.

Single to double concave for quick and smooth direction changes on the face with good lift on takeoff. We have put all the elements of all our most successful small wave models to cover a broader range of surfer from the one surf a week man to your serious ripper looking for a superior performance grovel board. Ride 2” to 3” shorter than your normal good wave board.


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